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Scassa s.r.l. - production of aluminium sunbeds, deckchairs, umbrellas and cabins for pool and beach

1976-2011: 35 years of passion for Quality

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solarium BEACH solarium ALLEGRO solarium FORME
sdraio mare cabine spogliatoi spiaggia ombrelloni mare e accessori spiaggia
beach deckchairs  beach cabins  beach umbrellas 

The Solarium BEACH collection comprises the most traditional sunbeds that all tourists who go to the most beautiful Italian beaches love. It also contains an exclusive product patented by Scassa snc found nowhere else in the world, the AUSTRO model. This sunbed is fitted with a revolutionary device that allows the customer to replace the fabric on his own, which means savings in time and money since the sunbed does not have to be shipped back to the manufacturer to replace the torn or worn fabric. All that is necessary is to order the fabric and then replace it when it arrives.

The new Solarium ALLEGRO collection contains a line of sunbeds and relaxation loungers that has been designed for more refined settings that stand out owing to their original design décor. The line features subdued and elegant colours selected to create a small oasis of peace and well-being. The sunbeds can also be made with bright and engaging hues to blend in with livelier and more original contexts.

The Solarium FORME collection is about to make its début. This innovative patent-pending line of relaxation loungers is designed for spas, indoor swimming pools and well-being centres, both indoor and outdoor, and will be presented next fall.

The common denominator for all products made by Scassa snc is still its high standard of quality. It is achieved owing to theclose attention paid when choosing the raw materials, the strict controls carried out while working the aluminium, the construction material of the bed frames, the meticulous selection of upholstery fabrics that are always and only high quality and made in Italy, and the stainless steel and nylon fixing elements. All this guarantees a considerably long lifetime and outstanding resistance to corrosion, to which beach and pool equipment installed in intensive use environments is normally subject