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Sdraio piscina spiaggia giardino

In the beach furnishings, the beach deckchair is fundamental and it is the most comfortable place to have relax while reading. Moreover there is another ever green product, the Regista chair, and a less expected but more comfortable one, the Marinella armchair.

All our products are made of anodized silver aluminium, they are tough, light and easy to fold and it is possible to store them in the winter season.


Tramontana Deckchair

The Tramontana deckchair is produced with resistant aluminium section bars, subjected to an anodic oxidation in silver colour. Screws are made of aluminium or stainless steel, so they are suitable on the outside because they are rust resistant. The beach deckchair is a timeless model, always very used in the bathing establishments where many people prefer it to beach sunbeds since it gives the possibility to read comfortably seated while sunbathing.

The back is adjustable to different positions, it has foldable armrests and a highest quality fabric, which is unalterable, UV resistant, chlorine-proof and salt-proof. Our aluminium deckchair is a professional product, made in Italy, it is very tough and long-lasting.

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Sdraio per piscina


Regista Deckchair

The Regista chair is a comfort that can't be missed in the beach or pool furnishings. It can be matched with the beach sunbeds and the beach umbrellas, it's lightweight and comfortable, with a large seat. It is made of resistant aluminium section bars, subjected to an anodic oxidation that makes them water-proof and gives them the glazed silver colour. The seat and the back are made of a high quality plastic fabric, made in Italy with a special recovered yarn which is very resistant and elastic, inalterable and UV resistant, chlorine-proof and salt-proof.

The Regista chair is easy to fold and it requires a small place. It needs no particular maintenance and the aluminium part as well as the fabric one is easy to clean by using common cleaners, anyway they are resistant to more aggressive cleaning products.

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Marinella Armchair

The Marinella armchair is very used for camping and it is a very comfortable armchair with a reclining back. Provided with foldable armrests, the seat is large and the back is high in order to have a more comfortable support to the head.

The frame is of anodized silver aluminium, the back and the seat are both made of the same high quality plastic fabric that composes all our products. It is a particular fabric, made of a special recovered yarn which is stress resistant and it keeps perfectly stretched. Its colour doesn't fade even if it's exposed to the sun for long time or if it gets wet by chlorine and salt.

Even the Marinella armchair can be folded to be stored in winter and piled in a small place. It doesn't get stained and it is easy to clean by using the common cleaning products on the market.