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Umbrellas for beach, pool, garden, bathing centres

In order to satisfy our customer's requests whose desire regards a complete and coordinate service, we selected our best products of professional umbrellas and accessories for beach, pool, garden and bathing centres.

Ombrelloni da spiaggia



This professional beach umbrella has been the symbol of Italian beaches for fifty years. The anodized silver aluminium stick has a 40 mm diameter while the tough steel ribs have a 5 mm diameter. They are laminated to protect from salt and they can be changed in case of damage or twisting. They are fixed by a fine pocket finishing, made of a nylon textile, and very resistant to the stress caused by the wind.

Ombrelloni mare, spiaggia e piscina made in Italy

The cladding textile is made of acrylic and it is high resistant. It guarantees an extended durability even if it is exposed to the sun, the wind and the salt; it is available in a great colour selection which can be matched to the sunbeds fabrics. The accessories are made of nylon, it has interchangeable and adjustable hangers and the frame presents a special closing device which never pinches fingers as usually happens with many others umbrellas.

Ombrellone da spiaggia Scassa snc



Tavolino porta ombrellone      Pali e tubi per ombrelloni


The umbrella-stand table mod. MINI

The umbrella-stand table mod. MINI, made of HD PE , is UV-stabilised to avoid discolouring. It has a 305 mm diameter and it is 55 mm high. It is always available in WITHE - YELLOW - ORANGE- GREEN - BLUE and on demand also in RED and BEIGE.

tavolini reggi ombrellone


The umbrella-stand table mod. DUNA

The umbrella-stand table mod. DUNA is made of the same UV-resistant material, but it is different from mod. MINI for its dimensions. It has a 400 mm diameter and it is 65 mm high.   As for Mini mod., it is always available in WITHE - YELLOW - ORANGE - GREEN and BLUE, and on demand also in RED and BEIGE.



It is a HD PE rounded stick, UV-stabilised and it has a 85 mm diameter and it is 1200 mm high and 6 mm deep. It is available only in WITHE.



riduttori per ombrelloni

It is a nylon accessory, with a metal clutch that you put in the umbrella-stand stick and later it has to be fixed on the ground or on another stand. After having fixed the umbrella-stand stick you have to insert the table in the upper part of the adaptor and to wedge the umbrella in.



The nylon numerators for beach umbrellas are fixed on the stick in order to identify the umbrellas and to facilitate the customers in their identification. They are available in WHITE - YELLOW - GREEN and LIGHT BLUE.

numeratori ombrelloni



The nylon numerators for beach sunbeds and deckchairs are fixed on the frame with stainless self-threading screws, included in the kit. They are aimed to a categorisation of the sunbeds, to manage them in a more efficient way and to facilitate the customer in their identification. Available in WITHE - YELLOW - RED - -GREEN and LIGHT BLUE.



The umbrella-stand tubes are of shock absorbent PVC, UV-stabilised, with a 40 mm diameter and a 4,7 mm depth and they have an interior zinc-coated iron tube of 30 mm diameter and 1,5 mm depth. The ferrules are made of shock absorbent PVC.



posaceneri per lettini spiaggia, sdraio, ombrellone

The ashtray can be fixed to the stick of the umbrella, the deckchair or the Regista chair by a hook device. It is easy to apply and it can be removed quickly. It is available in WHITE - BEIGE - YELLOW - ORANGE - RED - GREEN and LIGHT BLUE.

Posacenere per ombrelloni



PVC UMBRELLA CASE The umbrella cases were produced to protect the umbrellas from the weather when they are not used. They are made of hard PVC, they are resistant and water-proof. Available in WHITE - YELLOW - RED - GREEN - BLUE and ORANGE.



As an alternative to the PVC case we have also stranded raffia cases. Available in WHITE - GREEN and BLUE.

Ombrelloni spiaggia piscina giardinoombrelloni da spiaggiaOmbrelloni da spiaggia, centri balneari, piscinaOmbrellone da spiaggia, centri balneari, piscina