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Scassa s.r.l. - FAQ

Answers to the most frequent questions about our beach sunbeds

Are your beach sunbeds professional?

Yes, our beach sunbeds are of aluminium and you can find them on all the main Italian beaches. They are made to resist to an intensive use in the seaside so they are very tough and long-lasting.

Are your beach sunbeds made in Italy?

Our beach sunbeds are produced in our factory, in Asola, in the province of Mantova, by expert employees and in appropriated working conditions, with no risk for the individual security. Our raw materials, aluminium, fabrics, nylon components and metal elements are all of Italian production and they are selected for their high quality. Nowadays not all the products in the market have the same characteristics we have just described. It is advisable to evaluate the origin of a product before buying it since it is better to know its producer, who has to be able to certify the origin and the quality of its components as well as the steps of the manufacturing processes.

How can I clean the beach sunbeds fabrics?

To clean the sunbeds fabrics you can use common cleaning products for general surfaces and a brush to reach the rents in the fabric. In case of very resistant stains you can also use the bleach but you have to rinse the fabrics well after it. On demand there is also a specific product that we can provided in 5 lt. tub.

How long does the fabric last?

The fabrics of our beach sunbeds can be used for more than ten years if you use them correctly and if you keep them well. After an intensive professional use (for example in case of big water parks, beaches) they can lose flexibility and the colour can fade, nevertheless they still keep their robustness and functionality.

Is it possible to change the fabric of your beach sunbeds?

Yes, we can change the fabric in every moment of the year (even in high season). It is possible to choose the fabric of the same colour or to choose a new one. Since the fabric can be replaced only with the appropriated machinery, the sunbeds have to be sent to the factory. However our company has patented a special model, the Austro sunbed, which permits the customer to change the fabric manually, saving money on transport costs.

Is it possible to change other components of the beach sunbed?

When it is necessary and on demand, we can repair and provide spare parts of some elements of the sunbed, which could be damaged or has detached as, for example, stoppers, small ropes or brackets.

What does it mean that the frame is reinforced?

All our beach sunbeds are produced with some tubular sections, which means that they are empty inside. Our sunbeds have a vertical metal foil inside which makes the tubular tougher and more stress resistant.

Are other colours available for the beach sunbeds, beside those in your catalogue?

We have indicated just a part of the wide range of fabrics colours, selecting those colours our customers prefer. In case of particular needs of matching or if you want to consider all the available colours you can view the complete catalogue.