Beach Cabins

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The beach cabin is an excellent resource when it is not possible to have a stonework construction. For many years you can see it on the beaches and in the bathing establishments, but it can be used in the sport centers, clubs and pools as well and it can even become a practical closet in the garden or on the terrace.

Cabina da spiaggia spogliatoio mod. Ciclone Cabina da spiaggia spogliatoio modello Monsone Cabina da spiaggia spogliatorio Modello Uragano
Beach cabin
mod. Ciclone
Beach cabin
mod. Monsone
Beach cabin
mod. Uragano


All our cabins can be used also as practical closets on the terrace or in the garden.

To produce our beach cabins we use anodized aluminium section bars and plastic laminated panels, so they are very resistant to the atmospheric agents, the sun, the chlorine and the salt and they don't need continuous maintenance as the wood usually does.

Our cabins are modular, so it is possible to order it in a single module or in sequence, to get the classical set. Our standard cabins base is 100 x 120 and they're 210 cm high. The door, extendible with a shutter to the exterior, has the blind lower part and the upper part with half-open and fixed foils, to let the light get in and to have a constant ventilation, without the possibility to see into it from the outside.

We can distinguish three models by the shape of the roof:

Our cabins can be customised

Since the production takes place completely in our factory, we can customise the cabins according to the customer requests for what concerns the dimensions and the disposition of the compartments.

On demand it is possible to match the interior accessories as hangers, shelves, mirrors, stools and footboards, and also to choose the colour of the panels.

It is also available a fourth cabin model, the Tifone, designed to be accessible to disabled persons and can be used as toilet.

The Tifone cabin is provided with all the bathroom fixtures and the accessories, according to the regulation of D.P.R., 27ͭ ͪ April 1978, n. 384

Tifone cabin sizes are 180x180cm, and it is cm.210 high. Our cabins are provided unassembled but all the components and screws to assemble it are included. They're easy to assemble and you can also disassemble them at the end of the season to be stored.